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Community Centre Timeline

Below you can see the amazing history behind the community centre in Poynton. Click on each title to read more information about what events were taking place on this date.

We are always on the look out for more pictures, dates and information to feature on our timeline, if you have anything that may be of interest to your fellow community then please email it to us at info@thecentreinpoynton.co.uk. Thank you.

Village School Opens

A village school was built to provide education facilities for the local miner’s children.

Village School Extended

The school was extended three times during this time, due to the rising shool population.

Evening Classes Begin

The school began evening classes, first aid, gardening, cookery, wood carving, shorthand, book keeping and office routine.

New Building

The original entrance and areas were replace with a new building. The bell tower and weathercock were erected.


A Handicraft building was opened (now the Educational block).

WEA – Workers Education Assoc

Importantly, the first branch of the WEA (Workers Education Assoc.) was formed in association with the University of Manchester.

Home Guard Headquarters

During World War II the centre was used by the local Home Guard as its Headquesters. An air raid siren was housed in the bell tower. the original oak front door was rehung at the new entrance.

The School is Sold

The school was purchased from Poynton Colleries Co. by two villagers, Mr. William Jones Davis and Mr. Joseph Higginbotham, for £5000.00. (11 acres)

Placed in Trust

The estate was placed in trust for the people of Poynton. annual membership was £1.00 per year, and still is._x000D_
Construction of a bandstand began, but was never completed. (behind the Centre)

Meeting Place

During this decade the centre was a meeting place for local activities, The Townswomen Guild, Poynton Brass Band, leisure and educational activities, and a small lending library which cost 3d for 10 days.

Folk Centre

The centre became well known natioanlly for its Folk events and held an annual Easter event. The centre was granted a licence to sell alcohol. Groups such as Freddie and the Dreamers, Hermans Hermits and Merseybeay, Bullock Smithy, Johnny Petersand the Cresta’s, The Troggs, Jonny Silvo, Jake Thackery

Folk & Youth

The centre became well known natioanlly for its Folk events and held an annual Easter event. bands such as The Spinners, Oldham Tinkers, and The Houghton Weavers made regular appearances. Mike Harding, Jasper Carrot also took the stage. There was a regular Youth Club, Ballet , Poynton Air Training Corps.

A Short Break

The Folk Centre closed. The building was beginning to show signs of age and a large amount of money was needed to keep it in reasonable condition.


During this decade the centre did have some renovation and was able to provide facilities for Education and IT training.

Health & Safety

The Centre lapsed into disrepair and was finally closed for health and safety reasons.

Reopen & Repair

A small group of local people decided that the centre could not be left to decay, and began the task of raising substantial amounts of money to reopen, repair and provide the community with a centre which could be use on a daily basis. A new board a Trustees now work tirelessly to keep the legend living.

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