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March 2017 Newsletter

The Centre in Poynton

107 Park Lane, Poynton, Cheshire, SK12 1RB

Registered Charity 520098 (PYCC)

Tel: 01625 875555



Download the newsletter as a PDF by clicking HERE.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to our first Newsletter. We hope that it will be informative, and that you may even want to send us items to include into future editions.The email address is printed at the top of this page. Maybe you have special memories of the Centre or you may have a photograph of a club or activity you were part of at the Centre. Email them and we would be happy to publish them.

Facebook Account

You can access this account by typing The Centre in Poynton into the search bar. There is an array of information including an image timeline of the Centre refurbishment programme.

We have 234 followers and 229 likes on Facebook and we have reached 597 people since our launching December 2016. (Updated today)

Did you know?

That you could become a member of the Centre for £1.00 per person per annum. Your membership will support the upkeep of the Centre for years to come, Membership forms are available at the Centre, or email us and we will be happy to send you one. It’s so easy and we really do need your support to keep this building alive and keep it as part of Poynton’s history. Or maybe you could spare some time to volunteer Contact the Centre for details.


Our new website has been in working progress for 12 months, it contains three main areas: What’s on, History and Hire.

The first section gives the reader information of what social and educational sessions are held at the Centre up to date contact information.

The second section, includes information of our history, and biographies of the current trustees – the people work on a voluntary basis with one goal in mind – which is to raise the Centre ‘from the ashes’ and provided the residents of the village, a central hub which is of social and educational importance.

The third section has details of how to hire your Centre for birthday parties, discos and other celebratory events.

Upcoming Events

March 31

Folk Night (Bar available)
7.00 p.m. – 11.30 p.m.

April 29

Handbags, Gladrags and Shoes
– Table Top Sale £1.00 Entrance
– £10.00 per stall – contact: The Centre for details

April 29

60’s & 70’s Night
8.00- 12.00 p.m. £7.50 Tickets
from Mates DIY – Bar and DJ

Northern Soul/Motown Nights

Every 3rd Friday of the month

Testimonial from one of our users – Ali’s Watercolours

I have been teaching Art at the community centre for a number of years.

I think it’s a great place. It’s near the centre of the village and has a wonderful history of different uses by the community over the years. There is a large car park which is really important for my classes.

I have enjoyed getting to know members of the committee, who work endlessly to fundraise and improve the building. They have communicated well, been very accommodating and supported me with my classes. I have seen great changes both on the inside and the outside of the building. The kitchen is now being modernised and I’m really looking forward to seeing it finished and using it!

I use the hall in the main building for my Watercolours classes as it’s spacious, and there are plenty of tables and chairs for my class. I like the history of the building as it adds character. I enjoyed painting the murals in this room and have been allowed to hang some of my paintings to decorate the building.

I use one of the smaller rooms (in the new block at the back of the centre ) for my Textiles Art class as it’s a smaller room ( which suits this class) it has plenty of plug sockets for sewing machines, good lighting and heating …and has access to a kitchen.

There are several notice boards where I can advertise my classes and the public can access this whenever the centre is open.

Update from the Building Management Trustees

When it was originally built in 1838 the building was the height of modernity. When the current trustees took over managing it on your behalf in 2015 it needed a lot of loving care. So, what have we done?

  • Replaced much of the electrics.
  • Replaced the Fire alarm
  • Removed a lot of asbestos
  • Demolished a dangerous outbuilding
  • Fixed the roof
  • Replaced the windows
  • Fixed the damp problems
  • Started modernising the rooms
  • Installing a new kitchen

Made possible by many of Poynton residents, businesses, Cheshire East Council, WREN (FCC Community Fund), and the ASDA Foundation.

Since 2015 the Trustees on your behalf have taken many steps to preserves our oldest building for the Community, the latest work includes: fixing the roof, replacing some windows, sorting the damp problems, installing a new kitchen and modernising the North Room. So far, we have invested some £100000 in the building which includes work done in late 2105 such as electrics and fire system, asbestos removal and much more. We still have a long way to go and our plans include improving the heating and main hall. Your Centre still needs you.

Our current refurbishment programme

The Kitchen: Thanks to a grant of £14.000.00 from Asda, we have been able to begin phase three of our Centre refurbishment. Gone is the old, worn, equipment and fittings and in with the modern stainless steel.

Work began in early January, and as the images show there was a lot of work involved in clearing out the kitchen. We are making great progress and hope that the kitchen will be open by the middle of February

A further grant of £2,500 from Poynton Round Table, has enabled us to update the heating system in another part of the building.

Thank you to all our sponsors, supporters and wonderful volunteers, where would we be without you.