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The Centre in Poynton

New beginnings, new logo, new website 

Following the recent and long awaited refurbishment of the centre, we are now in the fortunate position to be able to launch our new web site.

As many of you will have been able to witness the transition of the decaying building into the modern and bright interior it now is. It has been a long and fraught 12 months. Many have been involved in raising funds or giving their time and experience voluntarily, all of which has been gratefully received and appreciated. We are by no means out of the woods yet, more restoration is badly needed. So, we continue to apply for grants, host events and rent space; educational and recreational.

On Wednesday 15th December 2016, we went live with the new web site, there will also be a new Facebook and Twitter account (see icons on the left of your screen)  from that date onwards our old Facebook account will cease to exist.

The centre is always open for business, if you wish to hire a room for an event, join a class and even run your own class, then contact kevinbell@thecentreinpoynton.co.uk

The centre was given to the whole community of Poynton by Lord Vernon, to be used as a central place in the village that offers a variety of opportunities and events for all ages; from baby sensory to folk nights to adult learning: see our calendar of events.

How can I support my Community Centre?

The easiest way to support, would be to become a member of the community centre, It cost £1.00 per person per year to become a member. Your membership will include access to our regular newsletter.  Just imagine if everyone in the village became a member, how much more work and equipment we could invest in your centre. To become a member contact: derekburton@thecentreinpoynton.co.uk

Why not join our 100 club

A monthly draw for members with a top prize of £50.00, for details of how to apply contact roymcgregor@thecentreinpoynton.co.uk

Thank you for your continued support.