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To Cap It All

I am delighted to be able to report on the latest news regarding the restoration of your Community Centre which has been made possible with a grant from WREN.

The kitchen roof work has now been completed. The re-building the gable and roof area at the 1855 built rear section of the large hall has also been completed with the exception of the installation of a window in the room above the bar. This is scheduled for November 7th and will see this part of the work totally finished. The installation of the window will provide an additional usable space for the Centre which in due course will bring additional income to help ensure the long term viability of the Centre. Scaffolding has been removed today from the rear of the building.

However nothing is easy when dealing with a building of this age. Work had to be suspended due to a large cap stone that proved to be balanced precariously on a 9” brick wall and an old piece of timber (Photo) at the top of the rear gable. To ensure the safety of both contractors and users of the Centre the decision was quickly taken to suspend work so as to allow contractors time to raise the scaffolding height and bring in a team to cut and remove the stone in manageable pieces. This was achieved safely and the gable end has now been repaired.

Our contractor is about to start the final phase of the restoration which WREN is funding. This involves removing the damage brickwork on the front gable of the main hall, checking the condition of the supporting roof timbers and replacing as necessary, re-slating/fixing of slipped slates as required and the replacing the ridge tiles along the length of the roof. Over the next few weeks the final part of the work should be completed and I will be writing to you again soon let you know when that has been completed.

The Trustees would like to thank all our users for their patience and understanding during the work. Our sincere thanks also go to the lovely people at WREN and to the residents of Poynton for without their support the project to secure the building for the people of Poynton would not have gotten off the ground.